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Published: 15th September 2010
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The apparent path of the sun in the sky is a ecliptic, which we also known as the ravi marg. Ecliptic is a basic path of astrology, we call it apparent because it imaginary. The zodiac is a 360degree broad band in the sky through which the ecliptic passes. So 360degree divided by 12 = 30degree. So the Horoscope

which has twelve houses, each house of the horoscope is of 30 degree. There are twelve signs in horoscope which is called sign of the zodiac. Each sign of zodiac is 30degree and it takes 24 hours to take , one round. All the planets sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are in the zodiac.


divided in three division, sidhant, samhita and hora. Sidhant is surya sidhant, original surya sidhant is lying in Germany library in the name of keil. Sanhita is collectivity. All the planets are in it. Third is hora which is again divided in two part first is personal native means jatak and second is muhurta time to do or not to be done.

Astrology is the divine science which enable us to peep into the future. Indian vedic astrology also referred to as hindu system of astrology is understood as the science connected with horoscope reading, horary astrology, varshphal, mundane etc.

As per Indian vedic astrology a horoscope depicts a picture of the result of the karmas done by a native in his past birth, Generally called as bhagya. Bhagya is only the accumulated balance of karma phala available in the present birth out of the sanchit karmas means past birth karmas. When karma is done there will be its results which can be enjoyed and suffered by the nature.

Now we will see how the horoscope made and how it works. The most important factor in the horoscope is the ascendant. it is that point in the zodiac which rises in the eastern horizon on the latitude of birth. The twelve solar months are named after the twelve sign of the zodiac. Ascendant is a lagan is a sign which rises in the east with reference to your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Now it shows how the life going to be. In the horoscope first house represent your nature, your appearance your body you in whole. Second house represent your immediate family, accumulated wealth and this is also a house of death and ancestral property. Third house represents your co-born brother or sister, and your will power, hobbies, physical energy. Forth house represent comfort derived from immediate family, landed properties, vehicle and mind mental peace. Fifth house is a auspicious house all karmas of previous life cause of birth in this life, the house of energy of the soul. Sixth house represents all kind of hurdles, disease, disputes, relative from mother side. Seventh house include all kind of relationship including partner, alliances and the house of name fame and reorganization. Eighth house is the house of longevity, the house of mysteries, and all kind of secret information also the house of occult sciences. Ninth house is truly indicator of freewill of this life, your all karmas, father, guru etc. your tenth house indicates profession, public reorganization, self earned wealth, money which is made out of the occupation. Your eleventh house represents everything come good or bad, purely awards, Nobel price, speculated wealth. Your twelfth and last house of the horoscope is a expenditure house, foreign, merit able compatibility, not following one tradition, marital happiness etc.

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