Relaunches with Vedic Astrology Software Powering Online Horoscope Readings

Published: 05th October 2010
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Providing free daily and love horoscopes, now offers personalized consultations via live chat, email, or phone. The revamped web portal includes one of a kind unique interactive horoscope generating software along with daily horoscopes.

In order to address the increasing world-wide demand for authentic Indian Vedic astrology readings, now provides unique online horoscopes generation and readings for free. Daily readings are powered through new in-house developed software to deliver tailored astrology charts and horoscopes for customers.

Vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of studying celestial bodies in order to learn about past, present, and future events. Indian Vedic astrology uses the person's date, place and time of birth to deliver authentic and accurate predictions. The new online horoscope and predictions portal is powered through Vedic methodologies in order to give the best information possible to the customer.

Website users can now follow Astro Sapnaji on Facebook and Twitter to share insights on personal and professional relationships as well as the free horoscopes provided by The website contains options for remedial astrology such as Certified Gem, Yantra, and authentic Vedic Puja for users desiring additional, personalized insights.

Astro Sapnaji states, "Our new web portal helps bring various astrology services like astrology, horoscope, tarot, fengshui, vastu, numerology to connect customers to their past and present in a more effective manner. Our integrated services help customers gain insights to the future through different methodologies while providing a capability to seek personalized guidance on aspects of life such as love, marriage, career, finances, and children." continues to expand their extensive astrology and horoscope services available for visitors while also providing numerous means to receive direct, personalized consultations. The staff is confident that the well-being and lives of those using the website will be improved through leveraging the power of vedic astrology.

About was founded three years ago by Jyotish Acharya Sapna, providing free daily horoscopes and on-line consultation for visitors. Website services include astrological predictions covering health, career, money, marriage, and love. Technology upgrades to the website now permit scheduled, personalized consultations for those seeking guidance from the divine sciences.



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